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Marvila is the new cool area in Lisbon

Seen before as one of the most undervalued areas in Lisbon, Marvila started to come alive and is now one of the trendy neighborhoods in the city. Being considered an “in-between” zone before (between two of the city’s most popular neighborhoods, Parque das Nações and Alfama), Marvila is been buzzing now because of other captivating characteristics.

Nowadays, Marvila is stage for concerts, art performances, cinema shows and street exhibitions. Urban artists, like Vhils and Bordalo II, have been making its walls true open sky paintings.

It has also become a point of technological entrepreneurship and innovation, attracting both huge, consolidated companies – like Mercedes and Web Summit – and small startups. Marvila is now one of the most popular areas for the creative industries that are implementing its presence in the surroundings.

Turning into one of the most contemporary, creative and hipster neighborhoods in Lisbon because of its low rents and vacant huge spaces, Marvila has recently been attracting different kinds of investments, like luxurious constructions, development of green areas, bars, restaurants and breweries. It is even called the “Lisbon beer district”, for concentrating a huge number of artisanal breweries and taprooms – most of them Portuguese – like Musa, Lince and Dois Corvos.

Points of interest:

  • The Sweet Art Museum
  • Underdogs
  • Galeria Francisco Fino
  • Teatro Meridional
  • Vertigo Climbing Center
  • Spot Real
  • EKA Palace

The area is an authentic cultural center for the city, with lots of old buildings gaining a new life with recent businesses, like Phosphoreira, Workhub and Fábrica Braço de Prata.

Even Marvila’s surroundings are growing, with the eastern part of the capital suffering from a transforming process of gentrification and gaining a whole new life. With a privileged location close to the Tagus River, the vacant spaces once full of movement and the proximity to other hyped areas gave Marvila all the particularities it needed to become a newly renovated area.

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