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Alta de Lisboa: a modern new pole in the city

The Alta de Lisboa area is getting a brand new life coming its way, with a boom in construction triggering huge changes in the area.

Situated in the northern edge of Lisbon, between Campo Grande and the Airport – two important points in the city -, is slowly becoming more integrated into the decision center.

Finally setting in motion an important urbanization project dating back to 1998, the consequences of betting more and more in otherwise neglected parts of the city are already being felt. The Alta de Lisboa is becoming a totally planned and organized “mini-city” inside the city, with coherent construction, beautiful buildings, vast green areas and social infrastructures being held.

The claim here is for modernity and functionality, and at the same time presenting appealing prices for locals who want to find a new home, young couples and the middle class trying to escape the saturation of the city center.

The project features harmony, contemporaneity and nature, all combined to provide an amazing lifestyle for the new residents.

Parque Oeste, Alta de Lisboa

The project for the Alta de Lisboa area is on the table for quite some time and it is the result of one of the biggest renewal projects in Portugal, where new developments, gardens, bicycle paths, services and sports facilities are coming together.

Combining nature to well being, everything at hand and modern homes with attractive prices, the old Alta de Lisboa is making way for a new pole that aims not only to be residential, but to comprise also student residences and co-living homes.

The enormous area, once a “periphery inside the city”, it’s now becoming a whole new area in Lisbon. Taking advantage of the huge available spaces, the fantastic location close to the Airport and a desire to fulfill the real estate market with residences that breath a new future, it’s not difficult to foresee that Alta de Lisboa is going to be one of the most sought-after areas in a near future.

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