The new Praça de Espanha

Praça de Espanha, one of the most congested areas in Lisbon, is now the place of the most important ongoing construction work in the municipality.

With an expected conclusion date for 2020, the year when Lisbon is the European Green Capital, the project for Praça de Espanha will include more than 5 hectares of green spaces with more than 600 planted trees, playgrounds, esplanades, kiosks and sports areas.

The Urban Parque of Praça de Espanha will contribute to a “greener, more sustainable city, with more public spaces and bicycle paths”, says the Mayor of Lisbon, becoming an area for recreation, leisure and sports activities.

With direct access to the beautiful gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation by a pedestrian bridge, the project will merge and integrate the surrounding neighborhoods and the formerly disconnected public areas, creating a huge green park in the middle of the city.

Combining 6 of the main arteries in Lisbon and being one of the main points when entering and exiting the city, the remodeling project also contemplates rearranging the traffic circulation in the area, making it more fluid.

This project is said to mark the “Lisbon of the future”, where the water has been given a central place, with the intent to bring back to the surface a small stream that runs in the area, to create “a cleaner atmosphere, more sustainable gardens, a fresher city, more resilient to the climate changes and more beautiful”.

The newly renovated area will also feature a covered metro exit on the paved zone, big office areas that will be the headquarters of some big corporates and the new wing of the Portuguese Oncology Institute.

The architect of the project, José Veludo, describes it as “an element of cohesion” of the public space, a central park in the city with a huge open space.

With a traffic lane to the public buses, new bike paths and massive trees, this urban park project intends to give back to the city, restoring some of its green spaces and creating more sustainable ways of living in a big, modern city.

As Fernando Medina, the Mayor, puts it: “the Lisbon of the future it’s a city with more quality of life, greener, that gives back public spaces, and which transforms itself every day to improve the city”.

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