Lisbon Neighborhoods: Lapa and Estrela

Lapa and Estrela are upper-class locations in the city. Overlooking the Tagus river and the 25 of April Bridge, these are some of the most exclusive settings in the city, with high-class residences along with classic, traditional housing.

What’s not to miss:

  • Jardim da Estrela
  • Basílica da Estrela
  • Clube de Jornalistas
  • Jardim Elisa Baptista de Sousa Pedroso
  • Restaurante Sr. Vinho
  • Chafariz da Esperança
  • Convento de S. Francisco de Paula
  • Palácio/Tapada das Necessidades

Lapa and Estrela in pictures

It is Lisbon’s neighborhood with the highest number of embassies, wouldn’t it be one of the noblest areas in the city. Due to its proximity to São Bento, it is also the setting for the official residence of the Portuguese Prime Minister and the headquarters of one of the country’s main political parties. The two neighborhoods along compose the home to the political life in Portugal, since you already know that the Portuguese Parliament is also in São Bento.

Many palaces and palatial mansions make Lapa and Estrela one of the most exclusive and traditional areas to live in, since new constructions are not common here.

Living in Lapa and Estrela

2 Bedroom apartment to rent in Lapa
3 Bedroom Apartment in Lisbon

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