Lisbon Neighborhoods: São Bento

Surrounded by an incredible diversity of parks and gardens, including Jardim das Flores and the area in front of the Assembly and Jardim da Estrela, São Bento is the center of political life in Portugal.

This is a quiet neighborhood, yet full of life, with a young population that breathes the essence of a street that is traditional but has a touch of modernity.

São Bento street is known for its art galleries, local commerce and delicious restaurants, and is located 2 minutes from Rato metro station, between the central districts of Estrela and Príncipe Real.

This vibrant area of the city is the place for young families and occasional visitors looking for a cool place to stay. The street is also known for its incredible decoration and antique shops and stunning galleries.

São Bento in pictures

The center of political life in Portugal is in São Bento, in the Assembly of the Republic. From here comes the name of this neighborhood, which takes place around a street that goes from São Bento Palace to Largo do Rato, forms a connection between Santos, Estrela and Amoreiras.

It is worth discovering the many restaurants in the area, starting with Café São Bento, Bebel Bistro and Cantinho da Paz or enjoy the evenings to try Santa Isabel’s tea, where everything is served with love.

Hidden away in the heart of Lisbon is the S. Bento Market, open for over 20 years. This is distinguished by being a welcoming place, with several stores that bring together different cultures, a community space where everyone is invited to come feel the friendliness and family atmosphere that lives between employees and customers.

Living in São Bento

Studios and 1-Bedroom apartments in Rua de São Bento

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