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Cascais and the golden beaches

The sunny town has some of the best beaches close to Lisbon. The former fishing village is a coastal area known for its golden sandy beaches naturally carved in the rocks, a true natural beauty.

The waterfront that connects Cascais to Lisbon is a path filled with incredible beaches like Bafureira, Avencas, Tamariz, Poça and, of course, Guincho, and that’s why it is called the “Portuguese Riviera”.

A holiday destination for, initially, the “lisboners”, it is now visited by people from all across the country as well as foreigners. A true elite vacation destination, it has a buzzing nightlife to please its visitors, especially lively in the summer.

The numerous 19th-century mansions give Cascais the sophistication and luxury that contrast with the remaining soul of a fishing town.

This is a great day-trip from Lisbon, since it is a short train ride away from the capital that will cost you less than 5 euros, but worth visiting for a couple more days.

Find here lots of surfers, people practicing golf and sailing, running on the waterfront, basically enjoying this paradise and appreciating its beauty.

Cascais in pictures

With a maritime and exquisite atmosphere, a sophisticated Marina and the luxury yachts docked there all the time, Cascais passes on a luxurious vibe, which is also noted by the old mansions populating the city.

Its beauty and picturesque vibe are felt when passing by the urban beaches with wild dunes, meeting the Atlantic and the Sintra mountains. It is where you can enjoy mild weather throughout the entire year, go surfing in Guincho, try windsurfing or cruise the ocean in a boat.

Living in Cascais

Villa with 2 bedrooms in Quinta da Marinha
Villa with 3 bedrooms plus an extra room in Cascais
Luxurious 2 Bedroom Apartment in Cascais

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