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Knowing Sintra

When visiting Sintra, for a moment you forget that you are just half an hour away from Lisbon, since it feels like you entered an enchanted city. Sintra is a magical place, with its colors standing out from the grey rainy days that are frequent around here.

Considered the romantic village in Portugal, its atmosphere and landscapes are just breathtaking, perfect for long walks to discover all the hidden corners of this beautiful location.

Located in the hills of the Sintra Mountains, you can enjoy the most precious views from the top, feeling the magical, mysterious and mystical atmosphere, considered by Hans Christian Andersen “the most beautiful place in Portugal”.

Sintra’s Natural Park even won a World Travel Award in 2018 for the best leading conservation company and the entire Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sintra in pictures

The beautiful coastal town of Azenhas do Mar has a beach with an oceanic pool, where the land meets the sea, creating this natural beauty. Sintra is also filled with lots of other pretty amazing beaches, like the Adraga, the Ursa and the Maçãs beaches.

For the pastry lovers, Sintra offers amazing delicacies to try when visiting, like its Travesseiros and Queijadas, which can be found in Casa Piriquita, the most famous in town.

What’s not to miss

  • Palácio da Pena
  • Quinta da Regaleira
  • Azenhas do Mar
  • Casa Piriquita
  • Palácio Nacional de Sintra
  • Parque and Palace of Monserrate
  • Castelo dos Mouros
  • Natural Park Sintra-Cascais
  • Adraga Beach
  • Ursa Beach
  • Lagoa Azul
  • Cabo da Roca

Living in Sintra

4 Bedroom detached townhouse

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