Lisbon Neighborhoods: Graça

Graça is one of the remaining typical neighborhoods in the city, one of those you think about when it comes to mind the Portuguese soul, the Fado bars and the small colorful housing.

Set in the highest hill in Lisbon, this neighborhood is bordered by the São Jorge Castle, Alfama and Mouraria.

You can come here by hopping on the famous 28 tram that goes all the way to Largo da Graça, the main square. Enjoy the picturesque atmosphere, where the local commerce is privileged over the huge malls, filled with small fruit and grocery stores.

Here people know each other, there is a sense of community and the old and the modern get together to create a genuine neighborhood feeling. Here residents and tourists get along perfectly, in the small cafes or getting a drink in one of the lookouts in the area.

Graça in pictures

Graça is a peculiar neighborhood with an intense “small-town” vibe, especially in the remaining “Vila Berta”, an area that transports us to other times. This is one of the preferred spots in town to enjoy the popular festivities of Lisbon, “Santos Populares”, where the streets are filled with people enjoying themselves, drinking and eating grilled sardines on bread.

It is definitely a place to enjoy the views in the several viewpoints that this area of the city offers and that gives some of the best pictures of Lisbon.

Graça has a mix of old and new that fascinates both the old residents as the new inhabitants, coming from all over the world. It is a place of cultures and to appreciate the most delicious dishes from the most different countries.

Living in Graça

Studio apartment in Graça, Lisbon
1 Bedroom apartment in Graça, Lisbon

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