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Lisbon Neighborhoods: Parque das Nações

Considered many times a “city inside the city”, the vast area of Parque das Nações is completely different from the rest of Lisbon. Modern and futurist, it is the most recent neighborhood developed in the city, a mix of residential and business areas of modern architecture and high glass constructions.

A waterfront neighborhood, here the Tagus plays the most important part, contributing hugely to the beauty of the area, along with the Vasco da Gama bridge, one of the longest in the world. These two settings make the visiting card of Parque das Nações.

The entire neighborhood was planned and though with innovation by some of the biggest names in the modern era architects since this “new urban district” was born for the Expo 98 and became one of the largest redevelopments in Europe. Once a huge industrial abandoned area, the most recent neighborhood in Lisbon has traces that resemble the big Asian and American cities, and that’s why it is so popular among foreigners that visit and also buy here.

With its high buildings and modernity, Parque das Nações contrasts with the majority of the city, where even fully renovated buildings maintain its original lines and façades. This is the place for the ones passionate about all-modern constructions.

Parque das Nações in pictures

The popular and enormous shopping center, the stunning train and metro station, pompous hotels, the stunning area of the Marina with numerous bars and restaurants to enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the river make this one of the top places for quality of life.

A place for families, with lots of attractions suited for children and fun activities to do in the spacious open areas to breathe fresh air, away from the main hustle of the city center.

Just imagine a beautiful place to live near the river with leisure areas around, gardened sites to relax, huge bicycle paths to walk or ride a bike and terrace bars to enjoy the end of the day.

A place that has it all: a futuristic architecture for international companies, a huge arena for famous concerts, shows and music festivals, that is well connected to the main highway in the country and less than 10 minutes from the international airport.

With amazing quality of life for its residents, since the housing buildings are mainly located in residential-only areas of the district and not in the epicenter of the everyday life where business days in Parque das Nações welcome thousands of visitors and workers.

Very busy and full of life during the day, during the night the area is calm and safe, perfect for families that want to live in a modern area and be close to good schools, universities, hospitals, small and big commerce, bakeries and cafes.

This is one of the most expensive areas in the entire city, but the high prices are compensated with the modernity and quality of the constructions, perfect for upper-class business people, young couples, middle-class families or for the ones that want to relocate from busiest places to live a slower life but still have everything at hand.

What’s not to miss:

  • Oceanarium
  • Centro Ciência Viva
  • Gare do Oriente
  • The riverfront
  • Ride the cable car
  • The Marina
  • Casino
  • Admire the Vasco da Gama bridge
  • Discover the urban art in sculptures, graffiti and tile works

Living in Parque das Nações

2-bedroom apartment in Parque das Nações

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